Investment Casting

Is the foundation on which Tritech Group has built a strong and innovative reputation across a spectrum of industries and lends 4 decades of knowledge and expertise to a process that allows the capability of producing precise detail and dimensional accuracy, accommodating a broad range of weight, shape, and size requirement.

To meet with its valued customer demands, we facilitate the investment casting of aluminium, full range of air melted low alloy steels, stainless steels and precipitation hardened steels and vacuum melted super alloys.

In additional to conventional investment casting, Tritech Group delivers a superior service in the production of high-quality vacuum cast components. Typical alloys include nickel cobalt and iron based super alloys.  

The latest fully commissioned vacuum furnace is the Group’s third and has a melt temperature of 1700°C. a capacity of up to 50kg (higher is possible by special arrangement) and a maximum mould dia in excess of 650mm wide x 860mm high. 

Enhanced Properties Investment Casting (EPIC): 

EPIC process is the culmination of many years of development at Tritech and combines a unique casting technique with the most advanced process engineering available. Indeed, rigorous tests have demonstrated that the EPIC process consistently offers enhanced properties on lightweight, high-strength components, which successfully meet – and often exceed – the demands of many Aerospace and Defence applications. 

The EPIC aluminium casting process has been developed by Tritech’s technical and engineering experts and provides consistent, repeatable, computer-controlled solidification of parts. The critical factor within the process is the small dendrite arm spacing (DAS), which is achieved throughout the whole casting. This ensures fine and defect-free structures with superior mechanical properties over conventional casting methods and, crucially, CNC machining methods. 

The structure obtained from the EPIC process shows distinct differences when compared with traditional production methods, most notably, significantly lower overall weight without any compromise on structure or strength. 

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