About Us

We are a premier Investment Casting and Machining facility for Aluminum and Steel Investment Cast components for Aerospace, Defense, Medical & related industries. Tritech Group is part of the Neterwala Group of companies. 

About us

Investment casting is the foundation on which we have built our strong and innovative reputation across a spectrum of industries lending 4 decades of knowledge and expertise to a process that allows the capability of producing precise detail and dimensional accuracy, accommodating a broad range of weight, shape, and size requirements.

From our grass roots as a Centre of Excellence in the manufacture of investment castings to support the aerospace and defence sectors, to our incorporation into The Neterwala Group (a technologically robust conglomerate specialising in metallurgy), we are now recognised providers of total manufacturing solutions – exporting castings to a host of blue chip multi sector companies in 25 countries across 4 continents.

A Neterwala Group Company

The Neterwala Group is a professionally run and managed business enterprise with over six decades of steadfast growth.

The group is technologically robust with diverse manufacturing interests in Metallurgy, Software, Specialty Chemicals, Engineering, Geology, Oil & Gas and Environment.

Striving to touch lives positively through technology.

Uni Tritech India Private Limited

Premier Investment Casting and Machining facility for Aluminium and Steel Investment Cast components for Aerospace, Defence, Medical & related industries. Founded in 2013,  20 acre state-of-the-art facility is located in Dharwad at about 450 kms north of Bengaluru in the state of Karnataka, India. A Neterwala Group Company backed with operational excellence from Tritech Group Ltd, UK.







Supply Chain Solutions

We hold an extensive portfolio of capabilities and offer total manufacturing solutions to our global customer base that include Investment Casting, CNC machining, an array of surface treatments and assemblies.

Significant investment has been made into dedicated state-of-the-art machining facilities that are not only utilised for the machining of investment castings but also complex components from solid billet.

As an international supplier of high tolerance, complex components, Tritech Group offers a highly skilled and motivated workforce who are dedicated to continuous improvement in both processes and manufacturing technology.

Forward Thinking Philosophy

At Tritech, we promote an innovative and forward-thinking philosophy taking a customer focused approach to technological advances within the Group.

Understanding future requirements enables us to implement tomorrow’s technology today, this ensures readiness to deliver world class quality product to an array of sectors as it is demanded.

Quality as Standard:

Continuous Improvement underpins the DNA of Tritech Group – through the development of people in process centred improvement tools, we continue to focus on our systems, quality and productivity management to ensure they are driving towards Operational Excellence.